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I had a subscription with AARP (magazine) for a few years. For $16 a year it wasn't bad, there was some good info in the rag. But I chose NOT to renew my membership over a year ago and I receive at least ten "Please renew" letters monthly. This last letter takes the cake. It states "Mr. ( ) I am concerned that according to our records you have not yet paid for the membership you ordered. Please let us know if your payment is in the mail (but... Read more

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I have been an AARP Member for many years and believe it to be a very worthwhile organization....BUT, no sooner do you renew your Membership, when they start sending you "Renew your Membership" notices. My membership is up in October 2016. I have been receiving Renewal Notices continually, since November never ends! I have experienced the same bombardment of Renewal Notices in past years as well. Not only is it a waste of paper... Read more

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They don't no it but I'm starting a class action suit with 400 plus people that were over charged for ins not needed according to the ct ins commission that's watt they said OUTTA 13000 plus policies im waiting for stTe to audit books so stat cooking it's gonna be a trillion dollar suit mayb after the big wigs will learn not to fool with the 99% I'd like to live on a island and press a *** button everyday to see how many policy holders keep me... Read more

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  • Aarp
  • May 02
  • #839873

Emailed AARP to ask how to opt out of the inundation of unsolicited emails that are a direct result of joining AARP. They told me it would take 3 months! NOT joining next year. Add comment

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  • Aarp
  • Apr 28
  • #838192

I joined aarp about a year ago and all of a sudden they told me i was 3 months behind, oct, november, and december, that was impossibe because i couldn't afford to get behind. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Add comment

In Illinois, AARP has said in the news they are open to having pensions. Taxed as part of an overall redo of the tax code. Mr Gallo from Illinois AARP made these comments. We live in a state so broke it is not funny. We as seniors already are choking on taxes we pay and don't get anything for what we pay. HOW DARE MR. GALLO SPOUT THIS BS AGAINST WHAT AARP SUPPOSEDLY STANDS FOR. This is so disappointing we thought we had a true advocate. ... Read more

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  • Aarp
  • Apr 23
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They keep o reminding me about paying $16 when I do not want to be a member anymore Add comment

i have had medicare primary and medical secondary for many yrs. recently my income increased making me ineligible for medical. I called aarp to inquire about purchasing secondary policy was told it was free so I said "sign me up" no oneexplained that medicare would change to hmo which I don't want, did not ask for, nor agree to. I want it changed back to the plain medicare I had and cant get anyone to help me idont know why somweonbe elses... Read more

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I paid the Membership Dues in October 2015 and have never received my I.D. Cards I have called every three or four weeks and complained. i informed that I am a temporary resident in Florida and to mail the Cards to me in Florida. I was assured each time I called that this would be done. Alas,...... Here it is April of 2016??? I spoke to a Supervisor, Barbara and Pat who assured me that it would be expedited and Fed Ex to me at: 804 E Windward... Read more

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A couple of weeks ago I bought an online course with AARP. Since then I've tried to take it, but cannot find it. When I call AARP the person I speak to is very sweet and say they can help me. They give me what to put in the URL. I try, but no results. I call again. They say they can help. Finally they give me the number 800-350-7025. It has a very annoying message on it. Then my call gets dropped. I've spent way more time than I can stand and my... Read more

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