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I haven't been a member of AARP for over five years yet they still send me solicitations for auto insurance through Hartford several times a year. They say I am "pre-selected" based on my good driving record. I finally took the bait and called them. After 20 minutes on hold and after a long interview process the sales lady tells me I don't qualify based on Hartford's strict standards. That's because I told her five years ago I had a claim for... Read more

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What is going on with all of the women on your cover looking like they are SO young???? With Sally Field looking like a teenager to the latest cover???? We are ordinary seniors, who have to pay for dental money for "work" on our faces/bodies!!!!!! Why do you make us feel so inferior????? You should be representing "normal" seniors...not just the RICH!!!!!!

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It's inconceivable that you would put that traitorous Jane Fonda on the cover of your magazine. Have you forgot what she did during the Vietnam war to our imprisoned military? Shame on all of you. You make me sick. Several of our servicemen tried to pass word of there captivity to Jane during her infamous visit by passing her a note and are you aware of what she did? She passed these notes to their captors who beat them mercilessly after she... Read more

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At least twice a month for the last TWO YEARS, AARP has been sending bills, renewal notices and all kinds of *** to my dead father. I've written them and called them, in tears. They have repeatedly assured me they would stop but no, they haven't. In fact, they've started sending additional mail to my address, addressed to a different name - not of anyone who has ever lived in this house. Then, they started pairing this name with my father's,... Read more

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I have tried to find out how the folks at AARP arecput in office. They are a non profit org tax wise but break the rules for non profit. Some how the Democrats have got hold of the business and use it to fund democrat activities. They spent millions of our donations to screw us over promoting Obamacare. My insurance costs havewent through the roof and I get no answers from AARP. The products like Connsumer Cellular are a rip off. VERIZON... Read more

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WASTED! The AARP Organizations WASTE almost $10 MILLION each year sending membership renewal notices for six months, each month, in advance. There are over 38 MILLION members, even at five cents a mailing, and probably double that, every monthly notice costs $1,900,000 in postage. Five of these mailings are unnecessary....almost $10 MILLION of your money WASTED! When you consider the labor to print and mail these, it is likely close to $100... Read more

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Really why is everyone including AARP celebrating Jane Fonda? She is a communist and a traitor and wondering why she never moved to North Vietnam, Russia or wherever. Nothing like her Father that is for sure. Oh, I am NOT renewing my Membership either Ok since I need 100words I will add some more comments. Besides glorifying a traitor AARP also has sided with the Democratic left helping bringing Obama Care into life. This is the first step... Read more

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In the June July issue of AARP Magazine there on the cover and in an article is a picture and praise for Jane Fonda. Fonda, (I knew her Dad) committed treason by making a trip and what she did that harmed our Prisoners of War in North Vietnam. Wether she opposed the war or not is irrelevant! She is an American citizen aiding and abetting an enemy and helping that enemy to single out individual Americans that resulted in punishment. Yes it is... Read more

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I signed up for a lifetime membership in AARP in 1995. I called them when I started receiving renewal notices in 2005 and was told they quit offering life memberships in 1998. After reading hundreds of similar stories on line I called them and said I wanted a life membership. They quoted me a price. SO, while they're steadfastly refusing to honor life memberships, they are still selling them. How's that for ethics? They also start sending... Read more

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The other night we go a flat tire while driving on 95 South in Florida. Call the emergency number gave my ID number and was told l had not signed up for road side assistance! The person on the line had a very heavy Indian accent and I could not understand him and I'm sure he could not understand me! I was told I could sign up for a one time service! I asked for a supervisor. This person also was very hard to understand because of his accent! At... Read more

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