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Called aarp about not receiving gift from Hartford that was promised If I applied for insurance. They would not assist in getting this gift even though they sold my name ,address and phone number.I explained I tried for 6 months with Hartford. I asked to speak with a supervisor .I was told take it up with Hartford by the non supervisor and that the supervisor said they will not discuss this issue with me. I then said I now have a complaint about... Read more

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Several years ago (maybe 8-10), I (like thousands of others I assume) was hoaxed into renewing my AARP membership long before it ran out. Later I checked my card and saw that I still had 2 more years of membership remaining. It is still going on. My current membership expires DEC 2016. I've been getting renewal notices for 2 years now (and I think my last renewal was for 5-6 years). How is AARP getting away with stealing from seniors using... Read more

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Joined last August and never got my card. Called them and was told that there was nothing that could be done. So they just took my money

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TO Ms. Jo Ann C. Jenkins CEO How dare does AARP with your signature send out information that is racially/ethnic targeted because of a Spanish surname. If I needed bilingual spanish services I would ask them. Very disrespectful assumption! Do you assume German or Polish last names speak German or Polish, respectively? TO Ms. Jo Ann C. Jenkins CEO How dare does AARP with your signature send out information that is racially/ethnic targeted because... Read more

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I am angry to get such an underhanded invoice--It states that "if you'll promptly return the enclosed invoice with your payment, we will reinstate your membership and you'll once again be a member in good standing." I was surprised and upset to get this invoice which thanked me for joining AARP. It remarked that I would soon be enjoying the many benefits of membership. But I think my prior membership lapsed at least five years ago, and I have... Read more

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For 7 years I have thrown any paper from the AARP as trash, hopefully to be recycled. I can't find out to stop the solicitations so to AARP.... you are based in Long Beach, CA, The few freebies I have seen from you are made in countries other than the USA. Go figure you are in Washington, DC as a special interest group. I have NEVER seen you help anyone in our local community. Years ago you may have had value, but the times have a changed... Read more

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It's not the AARP is the company who we try to get a discount this is down here in Puerto Rico and the stories this National Lumber Fajardo Puerto Rico you have to separate what is a discount and what they could give you a discount I've been there 10 times out of 10 times it was too hard to get the discount so I just left it I mean not the merchandise the discount no thank you and if you need any information you could call me at 787-433-1605 and... Read more

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My mother is a elderly hospice pashant and i started to receive bills from AARP and did not know why.I had never signed her for the AARP plain of any my mother owes AARP 724.00 and they demand payment now.So i called them up and told them that i never signed her up for this and this bill is fraudulent,and they tell my that the bill must be paid no matter what.So I'm at a loss on what to do.If AARP is practicing victimizing the elderly... Read more

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Got a bill for a FIVE YEAR membership I NEVER signed up for. $65 , are you kidding? I did NOT sign up . I have NO subscriptions to ANY magazines, so I did not sign up "By mistake." Wrote "CANCLE" across bill and sent it back. Will now not even consider joining this organization. Have a feeling they will harass me about this bill. Seems like the kind of organization they are. Wish they would stop the mailings, phone calls, emails. Leave me alone!... Read more

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I foolishly cancelled my excellent GEICO car and home insurance to join AARP and Hartford. They had a local photographer take a picture of my home. Then, they cancelled my insurance for "poor painting of the home fascia." I had already spent a thousand dollars to sand and repaint all of it. Thankfully, GEICO took me back without a penalty. If AARP continues to allow underwriters to inconvenience and bilk customers, it proves that AARP is a... Read more

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