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My mother turned 80 in Dec, AARP was suppose to send her a paper to enroll her for coverage after age 80. When we realized her insurance was not coming out of her bank account, we notified AARP.

They said they would sent a paper which we never received. Then then told us she would have to re-apply. Of course she was denied. She had paid on this life insurance since she was in her fiftys.

They got her money now that she was a risk they were not interested. She died on Sept 28, 2009. She thought her family was covered. We are still trying to pay for the funeral.

Please be aware of this when your loved one signs up for their insurance.

You could find yourself in the same situation we are. DON'T BUY FROM AARP!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Byron Center, Michigan, United States #1307166

You are confusing AARP with New York Life, the life insurance company. Your mother had been paying the insurance company, not AARP for that coverage. My condolences on the loss of your mother.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #609378

Just wanted to throw this in. I'm an independent Life agent.

I've reviewed well over 100 AARP/NY Life policies. I'd say maybe 1 person out of that knew that it was a 5 year increasing (goes up at 60,65,70,76), and hardly anyone knew about it expiring at age 80. I sat with someone just two days ago. Her policy was $58.09 for $14K.

It was increasing to $94.80 in December! We know this only because we both called AARP and confirmed it. They never state it on the policy and I never allow someone to just take my word for it. Just so anyone knows...

cheaper life insurance is like cheap brain surgery. It's just not a smart idea.

Insurance should never increase in price, and should NEVER expire before age 95. Hope that helps.


Hello Don, Sorry to hear about your wife passing. My mother died on the 9th of July 2011.

We supplied everything to them and after about 5 months we were told they would not pay anything. She died 4 days shy of a contestible period and they went back 6 years in her medical history and said she lied. Some of the procedures she had done were before she signed up with them. She had cancer but was cancer free during the time she got the insurance.

But they went back as far as the cancer and all treatments she had during that time. I put in complaints to everyone I could and they would not do anything. My father has two policy's with them and they are messing them up also. He has automatic deduction from his checking account and they are just taking it out when they feel like it.

Instead of the 3rd of the month they are taking it out on the 31st of the previous month and it makes his checking account overdraft.

They then refuse to give that money back and it is causing him a lot of hardship. Now that we have it set up to auto pay they will not cancel that either.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #311409

My wife had AARP/New York Life insurance for 1 year and 10 months before her death on April 14.I submitted the claim soon after her death.On numerious phone calls to check status of my claim I feel that I am getting nothing more than the runaround.First they wanted her medical records,now they are reviewing her medical records against her original application to determine"their extent of liability"which means to me they are trying to find and excuse not to pay my claim.I can't beleive that AARP would support a company that treats its policy holders in this manner.I just hope they pay what the owe so I can pay for for her funeral expences.

to Don Graham Riverside, California, United States #669377

Just wondering if you've considered Lincoln Heritage's Funeral Advantage plan? I haven't heard major complaints.

to Anonymous Glencoe, Illinois, United States #1122575

It's over priced by about 30% compared to the lowest priced insurance carrier for the same coverage.


My mother has AARP life insurance that will pay out $10,000 when she dies. Right now, she has paid them around $16,000 and will continue to pay until she dies. Shameful AARP taking advantage of seniors.

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