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I have repeatedly written on their return mail promos that they've sent to take me off their mailing list. AARP hasn't done it yet in over a year.

Once you've turned 50 they hound you to join with a list of supposed benefits They refuse to endorse candidates because they don't want to alienate 1/2 their base, yet they've been opposed to virtually all the Republican bills in congress (health care repeal, taxes, etc). They're nothing more than spineless shills for insurance companies and snake oil salesmen.

Profit is their only motive, not benefits and being advocates for change. Join the Gray Panthers for real support and change.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have not joined aarp membership although they claim that I have! I just received a fourth notice for payment. I am reporting this to Bbb!


I agree, they have everyone's SS# & the day you turn 50, the junk mail begins. Most people join because its a name that has been around.

After I studied it I realize I can get the same discounts just for being a senior & most of the insurance & services they offer are at very high rates, not competitive. Its really not worth it. I hated the junk mail the most.

I had to call someone to get them off of me. Even at $16 a year, they are making a killing for nothing.


I will not renew my membership.

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