I have received several notices that my membership confirmation dues have not been paid. I have never joined AARP as in my situation, none of their benefits would help me.

In the letter it states, "When you do send in your dues, we'll RESTORE your active member status immediately and send you your membership kit and Benefits Handbook. Well, if you never received a membership kit and handbook (and AARP card), how can you be RESTORED as active!!! With all the AARP articles from their magazines, (I googled AARP SCAM to find a site like this and article after article came up with AARP's name helping seniors be alerted to scams)...here they are trying to scam senior citizens. Later in the letter it states, "We want to REINSTATE all your benefits and we promise to do so as soon as we receive your payment." I am appalled at AARP.

Furthermore, instead of helping seniors, I believe, they are using statistics of age related memory loss (not Alzheimer or dementia) to propagate profits. In a NBC contributor article titled, "1 in 8 boomers reports memory loss, large survey finds", "The survey found that 12 percent of 60 to 64-year-olds complained of confusion or memory loss, and of them, nearly 45 percent said it interfered with daily life or work. That's worse than in the 85-and-older group -- only 38 percent of them felt the memory loss or confusion interfered with their lives." I have such memory loss, partly to due with my health condition and partly the medication I have to take. I was confused upon getting this invoice and nearly wrote a check!

I will be notifying AARP that they will be reported to the BBB! I am so angry about this that it may go to 60 minutes or same as well!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarp Membership.

Reason of review: Trying to scam a senior citizen!.

Preferred solution: I want them to answer for their appalling business practice!.

I didn't like: Already submitted complaint.

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It's even worse if you actually do join. They start sending you renewal notices several months before your membership is due to expire.

I find this insulting and opportunistic. I'm sure they are counting on the fact that i will have forgotten or become confused, but one thing I don't forget is that I have recently renewed my membership. And if I didn't, the month of expiration is written on my card.

I wrote them to complain I did not appreciate their trying to take advantage of my advancing age in this manner, but they never responded. They can go fly a kite.


AARP is s total scam

Never join

A total ripoff

Rancho Cordova, California, United States #1340524

Same here. I received today a notice that I had not paid for the membership I ordered and I needed to pay immediately.

They said it was the fifth notice. I never ordered it and never wood. I recently move to California and changed my drivers license over a month ago. I believe this is where they got my information.

I called them and complained. I believe they are scamming seniors.

If I wasn't paying attention I may have thought I'd ordered it!! Bbb and state attorney general will hear from me tomorrow!

Coarsegold, California, United States #1318164

Same experience here. They keep sending me invoices saying they will restore my membership if I pay up, but I never joined and never will.

I sent several messages asking them to not contact me, but they ignore me.

Incredibly arrogant to bill me for something I didn't ask for and don't want. I don't think AARP really does much more than pad their pockets by channeling advertisers to the senior population.


I am 74, and have been getting these same letters from AARP, I have never applied for AARP, and with these kind of business tactics, I never will


I also have been getting these, and I have never applied for AARP. I tear up their letter and return in their no postage necessary envelope.

Riverside, California, United States #1314172

I am 65 and have been receiving the same sales propaganda mentioned in the above comment/complaint for years. I never considered this might be a predatory practice aimed at senior citizens until I read the above complaint.

The writer is correct in his statements and the AARP campaign is very persistent.

I have NEVER been a member of AARP nor will I ever be a member. (I do not like their politics and policies or practices.)

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