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I usually through away all the the trash junk mail I receive from AARP; however this time, I noticed "INVOICE ENCLOSED" In bold letters the envelope. I opened the junk mail and it was an invoice for $16 thanking me for joining AARP.

I immediately called AARP to inquire and ask them to explain this bill as I never joined. They replied that they purchase lists from other companies, like the one I recently purchased a back brace from. I Was surprised with their candid response as I was very upset over this ***. This unscrupulous company EXPLOITS the elderly.

I witnessed my grandfather fall for all of these scams national clearing house and all of the rest of those criminals. Picture your elderly relative who as they age become less confident and more fearful of repercussions of unpaid bills and end up sending money for something that they were deceived into paying.

Shame on AARP. their Money grubbing executives who steal from those that we must protect can BURN IN ***!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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