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We have tried to use these cards everywhere we have been in our area. Nothing in our area that we would use takes the card.

Restraints , doctors, and shopping have proven to be fruitless for us. Three years of trying and still have not saved a dime with aarp. From Springdale ar. To Springfield MO.

Nothing. This was the biggest waist of money I've ever spent. God forbid I would sign on for life ins.

It would truly suck to find it not worth a $#!+ in a time of need. I'm done with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarp Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I got taken to the cleaners by AARP auto insurance provided the Hartford Company. I recently cancelled the policy because the rates went up the following year from signing up and now this year the rates went up another 29%.

My annual prepaid premium went from $1,326.00 the first year to $1,577.00 the second year and the third year before switching it was now $2,034.33.

However, I was promised a huge discount on my auto insurance by signing up and purchasing the AARP Smart Driver Course for my wife and I ($24.95 each - 4 Hour online course). The joke was on us as the discount was $33.00 per year for three years.

When I questioned Hartford about the rate increase, their statement was that AARP had increased their intellectual fees to Hartford for using the AARP logo and the AARP database of active members and this cost was passed along to the Hartford customer in the amount of an additional $457.33 per year.

I can truly attest that AARP is a rip-off organization when it comes to their members.

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