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I am not 50, and am getting renewal notices for AARP.The renewal came to where my mother lives.

My mother gave me the renewal and magazine that came that had my name on it. She said that I'd been getting the magazine for a long time. I did not know that. When I called AARP to get off of their renewal list, it was really difficult.

The representative wanted to get my personal mailing address, my age, and other information. She told me that I had been a member for 30 years; to which I laughed and stated that I was a child at that time. I then told the representative that I just wanted to get off of their mailing list and stop the renewal notices. The representative then began mentioning some activity for AARP members that would be going on in the area where my mother lives (a common marketing technique (distraction), I have found...especially toward seniors).

I told her that I didn't know what she was talking about, and only called to get off of their list and renewal mailings...If I were older, and had cognitive challenges, it is quite possible that I would have gotten confused and forgotten that I ONLY CALLED TO GET TAKEN OF YOUR THEIR LIST, AND TO STOP THE RENEWAL MAILINGS. The representative wanted to know my father's name and thought that the magazine was his name and not mine. I told her that my name is not the same as my father's. She still wanted to know his name.

I also told her that he died, and that this call was bring up some things that I didn't care to be thinking about. I then repeated AGAIN to this representative that I had only called to get off of their list and to stop the renewal notices, and mentioned that doing this was more difficult than it should be and that I was beginning to get angry, I told her in a relatively calm voice. I feel that AARP may be taking advantage of older people, and using distraction to confuse them. At least that was the way the call went for me, and the way that I felt.

I then googled other reviews for AARP on other sites and saw that some of their business practices appeared to be not so good. That is really sad. I was actually looking forward to being an AARP member when 50 comes around. Now, I am just disgusted and disappointed.

Older people get taken advantage of enough.Enough!

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