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For 7 years I have thrown any paper from the AARP as trash, hopefully to be recycled. I can't find out to stop the solicitations so to AARP....

you are based in Long Beach, CA, The few freebies I have seen from you are made in countries other than the USA. Go figure you are in Washington, DC as a special interest group. I have NEVER seen you help anyone in our local community. Years ago you may have had value, but the times have a changed and today there is nothing you can do for anyone that savvy seniors cannot do for themselves.

So AARP stop preying on Seniors and Stop wasting money on me and tred lightly on your supposed "voice in government" It has not been effective. Look at big fat government mess of which you are a part.

. Nuf said

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1229570

Go on social media and complain about unwanted solicitations for membership. That usually Stops them cold.

Also complain to the Attorney General of your state and the state where the mail comes from. Google attorney general + your state.

Duncan, South Carolina, United States #1206748

I get stuff like this from groups like this all the time. I toss it in the recycle and get on with my life.

May I suggest you do the same. Assuming you have an actual like worth getting on with.

Only a lonely, bitter old *** turtle would care about junk mail.

Birds Landing, California, United States #1206517

Used to be a member before the Government to over. Sent me stuff for over 4 years, then one day sent me a bill then I got a nasty letter telling me pay up.

Had to track down there number. Told them I don't support ya any more. I'm not a member any more sense "07".

I don't own any thing. For the last two months has been nice, hope it stays that way.

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