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Signed up for Consumer Cellular service for my husband and AARP Membership on 12/20/13. Paid for everything.

Got the phone several weeks later but nothing from AARP, saw $ had been cashed from my bank so called AARP to see about the membership. Rep wasn't able to find any info at all, tried all forms of data with no result. Said nothing was done or ordered and to give it more time to "show up on the system". This went on until 2/13/14 when I got the 3rd bill asking for payment of the service.

I'd had enough bills from them so once more I called (this would be the 4th call trying to find my info), got a rep that found the account finally but said it would still take some time to get membership cards and the supposed "gift" would take 8 weeks more! The only thing this rep did was keep apologizing over and over (but nothing gets done) so I said I'd like to speak to the Manager... at this point she hung up on me. Never fear, I called back and went straight for the Manager, called "Stacey" who was able to find the account (she has a magic computer or what?

how come she could find it?) but still said it would take quite a while to receive anything since I had purchased from one of their providers (if it's this big of a problem, why are they allowed to process memberships?). NOTHING TO BE DONE, JUST KEEP WAITING, THIS IS THE WAY IT IS. So I said "I will allow a bit more time but will use this time to ascertain whether or not we will keep the membership judging from the quality of the customer service, I don't feel like anything has been accomplished and I am more than dissatisfied with this service". At this point "Stacey" became more aggressive and said "what do you want me to do at this point, tell me what you expected?" in a harsher tone (and this is an escalation supervisor?

not a very good one)- quite rude and aggressive, I can see how this could be taken as being bullied by seniors whom this service is for. Told her I would be hanging up since I didn't appreciate her tone or manner and she got more insistent. NOT APPRECIATED. Also, they are trained to apologize for everything instead of actually doing something for the customer so all you get is empty words but no action.

Is this what they think seniors want?

I don't know about the rest of you but this does not fulfill my needs. After seeing all the complaints online I have second thoughts about this whole thing....

Review about: Aarp Membership.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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