Why does AARP support Obama's health care, when he has clearly stated that he intends to cut our health care and we can just take an extra pain pill instead of getting a knee replacement or hip replacement or some other necessary proceedure to make our life a little more comfortable.

He sounds like he just wants us to be medicated, like zombies and by you indorsing Obama Care, you are indorsing us to be stuck in a closet somewhere waiting to die. You are also indorsing the so called Alternative END of LIFE Counceling, which sounds to me like euthanasia

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Obama has a few months left. Just vote the *** out.

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #63431

I AM the loser? Re-read your response to my post. ***.


Who is this miserable **** Sally? What a heartless loser.

I guess yiou have time to sit around being bitter because all you do is insult your fellow human beings over their plight. I am making a dangerous assumption that you are actually a human, your hate makes me unsure and sickens me and now I am stuck with Obama-Death care

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #63290

"indorsing"... you must already be a medicated zombie.

Wrong site for your political rant, ***.

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